During the weekend of September 25 to 27, the National Elective Assembly of 2015, was celebrated in Los Molinos (Madrid). In Los Molinos the positions for the triennium of 2015-2018, were elected in accordance with Article 36 of our Statutes.

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It is said that as you get older time seems to go faster. Three years ago, the one writing to you today was just starting out in YouFra, and out of the blue, she found herself involved in these elections. After all this time, we are a stronger, more united and, above all, a larger YouFra than before. Today, we are officially 31 “jufritos” (members of YouFra Spain) spread out across Madrid (Santa Clara and San Diego), Granollers, Palma de Mallorca and Santiago de Compostela. However, we are happy to announce that from October 3rd forward, we will be 37, since six new members will be initiated in Valladolid, forming a new Fraternity and bringing back to life the one that was so strong many years ago in that community. And we do not expect this to end in the near future. On the contrary, we need to keep growing, and we await with open arms whoever wants to get to know us.

As with the OFS, we need a leader to guide us and above all, brothers and sisters to carry out committed and dedicated service to the growth and success of YouFra. José Luis Lopetegui, National Minister of the OFS in Spain, accompanied us through this process and thanks to him we were able to celebrate these elections as our Statutes and the Constitutions of the OFS dictate. The new Council of YouFra is constituted as follows:

President: Víctor Martínez Sánchez
Vice president: Damián Peralta Torres
Formation: Luciano Peralta Torres
Treasury: Paula Darder Duran
Secretary: Eva Tapia Millán
International Delegate: María Pin Nó
Social Action: Adelina Retama Andrés
Vocational: Pilar Pin Nó

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We are most grateful for the support given us by everyone who shared this weekend with us: to the National Minister, José Luis Lopetegui, for teaching us the importance of this event; to our Fraternal Animator of the OFS, Clotide Toro, for teaching us what service to our brothers and sisters means; to Ana Fernández, Local Animator of the OFS from the fraternity of Santiago de Compostela, for her interest in getting to know us, accompanying us and, above all, for her constant support; to Aurora Muñoz, Minister of the OFS in the area of Madrid, for being there every time; to Gabriel López, Local Animator of the OFS in the area of Madrid, for leaving his family to be with us; to Enrique Parra, newly appointed Spiritual Assistant of the Conventuals of the fraternity of YouFra Santa Clara, for coming to be with us and for the sweets he brought; to Carlos Julve, Spiritual Assistant of the TOR of YouFra San Diego, for the great assistance he gave the young members of his fraternity and making it possible for them to share these moments with us; to Pilar Pérez and Andrés Muñoz who, with their children, spent this weekend in assisting us and making our meals; and to everyone else who kept us in prayer despite the distance.

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Now we find ourselves confronted with a new challenge: a YouFra that is growing. We need to understand and learn how to maintain stability, so that everything we do will bear fruit. To help us handle the challenges that society presents to us, this year we chose as our motto: With both feet on the ground. In consideration of this motto, we are now thinking about the YouFra International Gathering, which will be held this year in Poland, just before the WYD. Without a doubt, this will be a wonderful experience; more so for the ones, like myself, who were able to enjoy the Second European OFS-YouFra Congress in Mostar this past summer.

Without further delay, we will get down to work with the expectation that at the end of this triennium, you will be proud of everything we will have accomplished.


Eva Tapia
National Secretary

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