Secular Franciscan Order

Ordo Franciscanus Sæcularis

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Here is the program of the 2014 Chapter in Assisi:


The OFS General Chapter has today tackled its main topic of reflection, rethinking its own management, at its different levels, which can be quite intricate.





We have some very special guests: the leaders of the Society of Saint Francis of the Anglican Communion.

The Chapter approved the report of the General Minister with 78 votes in favor and one abstaining.

The Chapter also approved the financial report with 71 votes in favor and 3 abstaining.

The @ChapterOFS2014 trough the work groups expressed thanks to Encarnita and the Presidency for their excellent and dedicated service.

Monday, November 3, h. 11:00

The General Minister of the OFS, Encarnita del Pozo, on this first working day of the XIVth General Chapter, has presented her report on the state of the International Fraternity.

Encarnita mentioned in her report that Secular Franciscans worldwide are present in 116 nations, and Franciscan Youth in 71 nations. Total numbers of Secular Franciscans however, both of the OFS and of the Youfra, have dropped, especially in Western Europe.