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In March a tropical cyclone hit the island of Madagascar destroying lots of houses and leaving many homeless people and destroying infrastructure. Recently we have received a request from the OFS National Minister of Madagascar, Gérard Cécilien Raboanary, if we can help them in some way. He told us that the northern part of Madagascar was the most affected. Several members of the Secular Franciscans have housing problems at present.

The OFS National Fraternity of Romania has celebrated its National Elective Chapter on May 19, 2017. The new national minister is Tibor Penu and the international councillor is Celina Francu.

The OFS National Fraternity of Philippines has celebrated its National Elective Chapter from April 29 to May 3, 2017. The new national minister and international councillor is Belinda Inao. Congratulations to the whole National Council!

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Presentation of Juvénal Kabera, Rwandan Secular Franciscan in memory of the victims of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda in 1994


Juvénal Kabera, catholic originally from the Kigoma Parish in the diocese of Kabgayi in the District of Ruhango, was born in 1959 in a family of 4 children. Because of his life of simplicity, generosity, humility and dedication, his spirit of service, he had opted for Franciscan spirituality since 1983, and was minister in the Secular Franciscan Order in Rwanda from October 3rd1993 until April 1994 for a period of 6 months prior his death on April 7th 1994 at the age of 35years.