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Ordo Franciscanus Sæcularis

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Press Release

The General Chapter of the OFS today addressed one of the most delicate aspects, the economic support of the International Fraternity, which relies on the irregular contributions of brothers and sisters throughout the world through the National Fraternities.

The Vice General Minister of the OFS, Chelito Núñez, appealed to the sense of co-responsibility that is referred to in Article 30 of the General Constitutions. She used the image of the 'castellers' (human towers) of Catalonia as a symbol for the common effort necessary to achieve the result, in this case the good functioning of the International Fraternity.

Values ​​such as formation, shared effort, teamwork, dynamism, balance, courage, solidarity, tenacity, common sense, integration or diversity, that are found in the 'castellers', serve to define the fraternity we want -- local and global at the same time.

The day also provided presentations on concrete life experiences of Secular Franciscans, such as Eugenia and Elisabetta, who are responsible for the pastoral care of an urban area of ​​Milan (Italy); Franco's, who participates in both public and political life in Latina (Italy); Lorena, whose fraternity in Cadiz (Spain) started a formation project based on caring for the environment, or Ann, who, as a Secular Franciscan, is the spiritual assistant of a fraternity.

The Chapter heard the perspective of Fr. Marco Tasca, General Minister OFMConv., who presided over the Eucharist, and dedicated (the mass) to the Basilica of the (St. John) Lateran. In his homily, he questioned "our way of relating to God," sometimes seeming more similar to how it was before Jesus.

In addition, the group work continued on the different aspects of the 'Instrumentum Laboris', with the aim of arriving at conclusions that will provide the substance for the definitive document that will establish guidelines for the future management of the Order.

Rome, November 7, 2017

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